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What is Asset Protection Planning?

Asset protection is a legal method of reducing your exposure to various types of risks by placing assets into various protected structures. In addition, these structures are typically organized in a manner to minimize the negative impact of a particular event.

The process of asset protection involves transferring the assets from an unprotected form of ownership to a protected form of ownership. The unprotected form generally applies to property held directly in an individual’s name or even the name of a revocable living trust.

The protected form can be one of many asset protection vehicles such as limited partnership, corporations, certain kinds of trusts, limited liability companies and other such entities. Protecting assets can also be a process of transferring them into exempt assets to the extent permitted by the laws of individual states.

Asset Protection Experts

Protect your business, yourself and your family from unnecessary risks with WealthKeepers’ expertise and asset structuring knowledge. We’ll guide you through each critical step in the asset protection process, and together, we’ll create a structure that works for you. WealthKeepers has thirty six years of experience in the asset protection industry. We have the knowledge to put together a custom asset protection plan that’s created just for you, your family and your business.

Professional Estate Planning

Asset protection and estate planning require professional structuring of the plan. Just forming entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, or Asset Protection Trusts will not be sufficient to protect your assets. It is important to know how to manage them and how to structure these entities so that they inter relate in a way that makes sense and works.

As part of our service we bring our 36 years of expertise in asset protection to assist you in putting together a tax neutral and asset protected plan that makes sense both from an asset protection point of view and from an estate planning point of view.

Far too often we see clients come to us with a group of Limited Liability Companies or Family Limited Partnership but absolutely no idea how to put them all together. WealthKeepers has the expertise to create a cohesive asset protection plan for you.

A properly done asset protection plan will properly segregate assets in such a way as to achieve the maximum in asset protection and in estate planning. It does not make sense to do one without the other. So, do yourself a favor and contact WealthKeepers to focus on the integrated package of asset protection planning and estate planning for you, your family and your business.

Business Planning

  • Asset protection strategy
  • Business continuation planning
  • Tax planning

Individual & Family Planning

  • Asset protection strategy
  • Estate planning
  • Preserving your legacy

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